Welcome at the website from Sneijersplant 

Year round we offer a good range of : 
* Groundcover plants in P9 and 6-pack 
* Shrubs from C2 to specimen in larger sizes 
* Good range Perennials from P9 to C2
* Hedging plants from P9, potgrown C5/C10 to Rootballed plants 
* Young plants for further cultivation from shrubs and herbeacous plants (liners  in P9 and rooted cuttings) 

We send plants to most countries in Europe, In our customer-range we serve: 
* Wholesalers
* Gardencenters 
* Cash & Carries 
* Growers 
* DIY stores 
* Online-webshop resellers
* Landscapers 

We believe in longtermrelationship with our customers and with many of our customers we have been working together for decades.
Our goal is to provide good quality uniform plants at competitive prices available in decent volumes.

Every day we do our best to serve our customers with the best possible information on availability and supply ordered plants as quick and accurate as within our possibilities.In our webshop you find images and information on availability and prices, and there is the possibility to order online. Also we send out weekly availability-list with orderform so you can easily make your order in an excel-document. 

Please fill in the contactform at the contactpart or register on top of this page. We will then send you a password which will give you access to our webshop and you will receive the weekly availabilitylist. 

We can organise the required Phyto and exportdocuments for export outside the EU and help you out with the organisation of transport. 

If you like to come over we are always happy to have you in our nurserym, an appointment would be appreciated.
When you have any requirements, questions or comments then please do not hesitate to contact us!



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