Seasonal Plants Plants with a high attractive value due to flowers, buds, berries or foliage-colour. In this group continuously varying plants.
Groundcover 6-pack with carrybelt
Groundcovers P9 strong quality in P9, suitable for gardencenter and landscaper
Conifers in Pot limited range, in potsizes C5 - C25
Buxus and Taxus balls, cones, bushes and other sha Range of bushes, balls, cones in various sizes
Shrubs in Pot wide range of shrubs in various potsizes
Euonymus japonicus Upgoing Euonymus in various potsizes
Specimen shrubs Plants in Potsize from C7.5 and bigger
Grasses in pot for Gardencenter and landscaping Attractive range from P5,5 up till P17
Herbaceous Plants in Pot / Perennials suited for retail-sales and a range of herbaceous plants for landscaping
Hedging plants in Pot with randge of potgrown P9 and C2 for yearround sales
Ilex crenata
Hydrangea attractive range of flowering hydrangea in various type sizes
Mediterranean plants A colourfull exotic range to start the spring
Herbaceous Plants P9 Range of Perennials in P9 for landscapers
Young Plants - Liners P9 and rooted cutting material
Conifers and Shrubs Rootballed Rootballed material available from mid oktober untill end April, this depending on varity.
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